Fire & Flow Coffee

Fire & Flow are an independent coffee roasters based in Bagendon near Cirencester (original situated in Leckhampton, Cheltenham).

The company was set up by childhood friends Callum and Phil, after one of their favourite coffee shops went out of business. Their idea was to help other coffee shops avoid a similar fate, by being a partner for them, not just a supplier.

The team at Fire & Flow provide everything from extensive barista training and coffee culture support, to menu design and seasonal drink ideas. They also connect their partners with other suppliers like Born Wild Tea and equipment suppliers.

Most importantly, they also roast some seriously good coffee beans.

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The key Fire & Flow coffee blend is called ‘Aurora’. A versatile blend designed for espresso use in wholesale/trade, but for filter use in home environments.

Aurora is made from a blend of speciality grade Arabica beans, responsibly sourced with full transparency back to farms in Brazil and Guatemala. The coffee farmers behind the beans are also focused on sustainability and quality, perfectly in tune with the ideals of Fire & Flow.

The beans are processed naturally and fully washed, with the resulting coffee showing tasting notes of chocolate, caramel and nuts.

I’m not as keen on fruity tasting coffee blends, preferring deeper chocolate and biscuit like flavours - so the Aurora blend is perfect for me!

Brewed at home using a cafetiere, the coffee was perfectly suited for a weekend breakfast brew alongside some chocolate pastries.

They also have a decaf blend made using Colombian beans, naturally decaffeinated at source using by-products of fermenting sugarcane. With tasting notes of dark chocolate, plum and caramel it would be a fantastic alternative to the Aurora.

Both blends are available as full beans for grinding fresh at home, but also in a filter grind.

If you don't have the brewing kit, Fire & Flow have you covered. They offer V60 dripper brewing tools on their website, along with 'Starter Packs' that include the V60, filters and of course a bag of Aurora or Decaf blends!

I’m personally really missing coffee shops and cafes during this time, so having some quality locally roasted coffee delivered to me is a huge thing.

To help you enjoy coffee at home during this unprecedented time, we’ve partnered up with Fire & Flow to get you 10% off on their website! Use code COTSWOLDEATS10 at their website

Disclaimer: Fire & Flow sent us their Aurora coffee beans to experience them at no cost. We were under no obligation to provide an article in exchange for this - we just enjoyed them!


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