Born Wild Tea

Born Wild Tea are a creator of artisan tea blends, based in Bagendon near Cirencester.

The company was set up by Charlotte and Phil of sister-company Fire & Flow, with the idea that people in the UK could enjoy the quality loose leaf tea culture they enjoyed during their year in Boston.

The tea is quality indeed.

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They sent us some of their range to try, including a mix of herbal, green and black teas.

There is only so much coffee you can drink in a day before you’re figuratively and literally bouncing off the walls. So I’ve been after some quality herbal teas to fill that afternoon hot drink capacity… Born Wild Tea have done it.

The herbal / fruit tea range has plenty to choose from, so you should be able to find the perfect fit for you! I’ve delved into a few of them below.

Their Raspberry Lemonade tea creates a wonderful light pink drink, made with a blend of whole raspberries, lemongrass, apple, hibiscus, coconut and goji berries. Like others in the herbal / fruit range, it tasted great both hot and iced.

Their Reggae Refresh had the same hot and cold versatility, but made with mango, papaya and lemongrass, with some ginger and lavender.

My personal favourite though has to be the Lemon & Ginger Zing. Made with ginger, lemongrass, lemon peel, liquorice root and marigold blossom. Fiery and zesty for a wonderful caffeine-free afternoon kick! I also tried it with a touch of honey, creating a spicy version of the nostalgic hot lemon & honey cold remedy.

This may make me a heretic, but I’m not the biggest fan of the classic British breakfast tea with milk and sugar – I find it a bit boring…

However, Born Wild Tea have solved that problem for me. Their black teas, like the aptly named Bold Breakfast, have so much more oomph and flavour to them, that I can be swayed to enjoy a classic cuppa.

With a large range of quality tea suited to all tastes, it’s time to upgrade your brew to Born Wild Tea.

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