Fudge Factory

The San Francisco Fudge Factory was originally established in San Francisco in 1985, but moved back across the pond to Bath in 1995. It has been based in the same location ever since, on Church Street next to the Abbey and a stones throw from the Roman Baths.

Fudge Factory is a quaint little shop on the outside, but inside its counters are bursting with fudge and chocolate, with a wall covered in packets of handmade sweet treats.

Behind the main counter sits their stone tabletop and prep area, where they make their fudge and other treats everyday - which is always great to watch if you visit, and even better to smell!

Their fudge is 100% handmade in the shop, with no artificial ingredients whatsoever, which is incredible anyway, but even more so considering the amount of flavours available. From the classic vanilla, caramel and chocolate flavours to the spicier ginger and chocolate chilli variations, they even have raspberry & white chocolate pavlova and lemon meringue pie flavour fudge!

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We love visiting Bath and try to go often (at the very least during the Christmas Market each year) and every time we pop in to Fudge Factory without fail.

We have a few favourites that seem to take our fancy every visit. The maple and coffee varieties (with or without walnuts) are particularly good, but the salted caramel is actually mind blowing.

This time around we picked up vanilla caramel (vanilla fudge with a rich caramel running through the middle), plain coffee and of course the salted caramel.

All of their fudge is creamy, flavourful and just incredibly decadent. Thankfully with so many flavours to choose from, there should be something for everyone - they even have a vegan chocolate fudge!

Spoilt for choice? You can always sample some of the flavours to find your favourite!

Fudge Factory also produces a range of delicious chocolates, truffles, butterscotch, honeycomb, tablet… the list goes on! Plus a whole range of chocolate covered goodies, from coffee beans to marshmallows.

If you’re visiting Bath (or just live there!), you owe it to yourself to visit Fudge Factory. If you aren’t going to Bath, you could always order online via their website!

The fudge lasts for around 3 weeks, you can freeze it too, so don’t be afraid to stock up on lots of flavours. Although we find it doesn’t last long at Cotswold Eats HQ... as we eat it all within a day.


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