Brew and Bake

Since writing this article, Brew and Bake is now under new ownership. We will update this article after another visit!

There are few things more relaxing in life than sitting in a coffee shop or café, watching the world pass by through the window with a warm cup of something nestled between your fingers, and one of my favourite places to indulge in this relaxation, can be right at the top of Bath Road in Cheltenham.

Brew and Bake is, in my humble opinion, everything that a café should be – effortlessly cool décor with industrial style furniture, filament lightbulbs, cool colour-pop art and quirky little touches, such as reclaimed golden syrup tins that make excellent cutlery holders.

Combine that with homemade cakes, sandwiches and salads; artisan teas and coffees (of which you can select your beans and brew method) and most importantly, the freedom to choose an actually not-boring veggie or vegan option, and you’ve got the perfect setting for whatever your heart desires!

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Need breakfast? They’ve got you covered. With everything from breakfast muffins to yoghurt with homemade granola, all you need to do is grab a coffee, sit in the window and start your day the right way.

And as for brunch and lunch, there’s more than enough freshly made choices for everyone. I highly recommend their sweet potato and feta roll (like a sausage roll… but not…) which I had warmed up in the grill with their signature pickled dill cucumber ribbons.

However, as their food is freshly prepared and made daily, their sandwich/savoury selection does change frequently so there’s no guarantee you’ll get exactly what you had last time. But my god will you find something else delicious to try there.

If I can say anything else to convince you to go to Brew and Bake, it is this; their cakes are insane. Legitimately, wonderfully good. Vegan caramel Loacker biscuit cake anyone?

With their ridiculously friendly, helpful staff, ethical products and homemade food that’ll knock your socks off; Brew and Bake is a great example of how small businesses can grow to be so popular within a café heavy town like Cheltenham. This is exemplified by the owner's desire to be a real part of the community on Bath road, getting to know the locals and becoming a friendly face amongst the crowd, even helping local charity projects across the year.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Brew and Bake, and I'm sure you will too if you give it a go!


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