KIBOU is quite frankly one of the best dining experiences out there, it just hits the mark for everything they do. It’s Japanese décor makes for an incredible atmosphere, the service is great and most importantly the food is next level.

They have recently expanded from their cosy but space-limited underground location, to a larger Regent Arcade location next door.

People often say the same thing to me when they found out I love sushi… “But you’re a vegetarian?” Correct, I don’t eat meat or fish. However, I’m here to disprove the myth that Japanese food is only about raw fish.

Don’t get me wrong, Sashimi and Nigiri are awesome staples of sushi, and were my regular order when not-veggie, but there is so much more to Japanese food than that. I also have some thoughts from Izaac in italics further down, which will help with the carnivorous perspective.

The great thing about KIBOU is the range of amazing dishes available, with a menu consisting of both sushi and classic Japanese dishes like Katsu Curry and Ramen, as well as a special’s board with some incredibly interesting and seasonal food.

We’ve been to Kibou a few times, before and after my switch to vegetarian, and it really is an incredible experience.

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Even the ‘simplest’ of menu items are outstanding; Hosomaki is a sushi staple, with cucumber often people’s first foray into Japanese food without jumping straight into some of the more adventurous flavours. It is pretty simple as far as sushi goes – rice, nori (seaweed) and cucumber – yet somehow Kibou have made it so much better... 8 pieces per plate helps.

Back when I was eating meat, I had both the salmon nigiri and sashimi from KIBOU and they were the freshest I've had.

Their Pumpkin Korroke is also a personal favourite. Fried, savoury and sweet; it’s just delicious. Honestly, Kibou Sushi does the best Pumpkin Korroke – not that we expected different. From Takoyaki (fried octopus dough balls) to delicious Tempura Prawns/Vegetables, there’s nothing we’ve tried that wasn’t insanely good. I’d be surprised to find something on their menu that isn’t better than anywhere else!

Most recently Izaac enjoyed a Cha Siu (Pork Belly) Ramen and I had a Vegetable Katsu Curry. We paired this with a small bottle or Saki (rice wine) and one of their Plum Gin cocktail specials. As well as incredible food, KIBOU has great drinks, including an awesome range of Japanese Whiskies and rotating ‘special’ drinks.

The Cha Siu (Pork Belly) Ramen has classic ramen noodles in a choice of broth, with belly pork, tea stained egg and naruto/narutomaki (spiralled fish surimi, not the anime character). Plus pak choi, bamboo shoots, ginger, chilli, spring onion and nori sesame tying it all together. It’s an incredible ramen dish.

Also, while I have this mention of the meat eating options, let me say that the Tempura Prawns are the best. THE BEST.

I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now, but we have absolutely nothing bad to say about the food at KIBOU; so understandably the Vegetable Katsu Curry was nothing short of amazing. The curry sauce was thick and spicy, without being overpowering. The vegetables were perfectly fried and crunchy, without being too oily. The rice was fluffy and delicious, without being stodgy. Literally the perfect meal.

I don’t think we could make it any clearer just how much we love Kibou Sushi. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.


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