Holee Cow

Cheltenham is not short of high-end restaurants. Amongst these are the highly rated Prithvi and Bhoomi, both Indian cuisine in a fine dining experience.

The twist here, is that the owners of those restaurants decided to open a burger joint…

Holee Cow opened in early 2018, serving a selection of high quality burgers and sides, including daily specials with puns that would sit perfectly in Bobs Burgers.

Now I will say this first, it’s not a cheap eats burger meal, so is probably not right if you're looking for a weekly fast food binge. It is absolutely delicious and higher quality usually means higher price, so enjoy as an experience with friends.

I went for a classic bacon and cheese burger, only it was a complete step up from that. Smokey Bacon & Cheese was the official title. A beef patty, with a proper serving of melted smoked cheddar, a chunk of smoked bacon, crispy onion, lettuce, smoked chipotle mayo and a beautiful slice of sweet gherkin, all piled into a brioche bun.

On a future return I opted for one of the specials, named The Escobar. A spicy and deep flavoured burger, with blackened cajun onion, smoked chorizo and chilli ketchup and cooling guacamole.

Sophie opted for the veggie option on the menu, The Bean Bag. A spicy bean patty with a healthy serving of smoked cheddar, pickled jalapeno, lettuce, onion, tomato salsa and sour cream.

Both our guests had The Spicy Clucker. A classic fried buttermilk Chicken breast, smothered in buffalo hot sauce, with blue cheese and celery slaw to cut through the spice.

Now onto sides. A serving of classic fries are good, spicy cheese fries and pulled pork fries are better, but the 'Holee' grail is their Mac & Cheese Bites; they make the trip worth it alone.

If you don’t like puns then you best look away, because Holee Cow has led two more businesses on the horizon; Holee Clucker and Holee Cheesus - both of which we are very excited for!

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