Website Update

Website update

You may have noticed our website has been through a huge update, thanks to our partners at Lunalight Limited.

Take a look below at some of the reasons we have made these changes!


The key reason we have updated our website and its interface is for improved long term accessibility for all users, particularly those with visual impairments and other needs.

We think it’s important that all websites hit the standards and provide a place for all users to enjoy.

We're will be regularly updating improving where we can, so please let us know if you encounter any issues.

News section launches

With our new website launches our new news section! THE place to keep up to date with the latest food and drink news across the Cotswolds.

You’re reading this there, so I’m sure you get the picture.

Unlike our articles which require a visit/test from our Eats team, the news section will be on the fly updates from around the Cotswolds.


We have also launched a dedicated recipes section on the site, which will feature recipes from our team or from contributors. Check out the Chocolate Cookie or the Cotswolds Fashioned Cocktail!

Article updates

We have gone back through our historical articles to update where required to keep current.

Future updates

Our partnership with Lunalight Limited means we can continue to add features and update our website as needed. Go check out their website for more info on what they do!