The Cotswold Chippy

The Cotswold Chippy are a fish & chip food truck, based in Quenington but serving villages and towns across the Cotswolds. Their whole idea is to take the classic chippy offering and bring it to you, so you don’t miss out just because you live in a small town or village. A chippy on wheels!

Owners Lisa and Darren officially launched The Cotswold Chippy in November 2017, after only a year they were voted number 1 in your Top 10 Producers 2018. So of course we had to visit them to try their takeaway!

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We dropped by their food truck while stationed in Bibury – Sophie’s original 'hometown' – picking up chippy for the family.

We all had chips, obviously, which were spot on and had the perfect amount of crunch to them. Sophie stepping it up with cheesy chips, plus curry sauce to boot.

I went with the UK staple of battered cod, fried fresh in front of us; delicious flaky fish and crispy batter.

Sophie’s parents opted for some meaty classics, with a chicken & mushroom pie and a battered sausage - both raved about the quality and were excited to visit the chippy next time it wheeled into the village.

Getting a takeaway of any variety in Bibury would usually require a trip to Fairford or Cirencester, causing everything to get cold and soggy by the time you arrived home – even worse when chips and batter are on the line. This was not a problem with The Cotswold Chippy, being stationed in the village gave us a quick journey home, and made ‘soggy bottoms’ a worry of the past.

It’s safe to say we all enjoyed our meal - delicious chippy for a great price.

Their fish is MSC certified for sustainability, plus skinless and boneless to prevent any unhappy surprises! Plus they’re part of the NFFF (The National Federation of Fish Fryers), a trade association dedicated to raising chip shop standards across the country.

They fry using Omega Plus oil, favoured for being low in saturated fat but high in Omega 9, and just generally better for you than most chip shop oils. Plus their sausages, gravy and curry sauce are all gluten free, great for those who’re gluten intolerant but still want to enjoy a chippy!

We noticed that Lisa and Darren have a strong rapport with all the regulars and have a genuine interest in how they are, combine this with the quality food and great value, it’s clear to see why they’ve built such a loyal following in each location they visit.

They have a 2-weekly rota, ensuring they can serve as many villages and towns as possible from Tuesday-Friday, with weekends for private hire and events like local festivals and weddings. You can see their schedule on their website.

They have become such a staple in the villages they visit, that some communities are beginning to get together on 'chippy night' for village events.

I genuinely think The Cotswold Chippy is a revelation for the Cotswolds, using their mobile food truck to provide quality chippy to areas where there is usually no permanent chip shop fixture.

It’s no wonder that The Cotswold Chippy was your top producer for 2018 and 2019!


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