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February 2, 2018

As they will be providing us with great drinks content over the following months, we thought it was about time we showcased our new content partner, Vinotopia Wine Merchants.

Full disclosure, we actually work with them daily via Lunalight, so I’ve tried to make this article reflect the thoughts of actual customers rather than my own internal opinions. That being said, I think they’re the best wine merchant I’ve ever visited, having a hand in my absolute love for red wine and gin.

Vinotopia is an independent wine merchant, based in Tetbury. They opened their doors in 2011 in The Wine Barn on the outskirts of the town, moving into their current premises in the town centre in 2013.

Vinotopia director, Jeremy Hill, likes to say he ‘marinated’ in the wine trade for most of his career, before opening up shop. His knowledge of wine, it’s regions and the little details is remarkable, allowing him to find the right wine for you. These skills have been passed around the rest of the team, including Sales Manager Andy, who has combined it with his long history in catering, allowing him to help find the perfect food and wine pairings for events.

Every year they hold multiple wine tastings for customers in the local community. These prove to be hugely popular, also featuring local food stalls from the likes of Hobbs House bread, as well as local cheese and meat producers. Not only that, but they have multiple charity events throughout the year, such as their annual Boules Competition at The Royal Oak in Tetbury, giving proceeds to Tetbury Hospital and other local causes.

Vinotopia offer a bespoke wine label service too, which is something I am involved with creating designs for. It's pretty great for adding extra personality to events and weddings. My brother actually had this at his wedding, and myself and Sophie will be using it at ours too.

They have an exclusive wine club called C+10, which allows you to buy wine at cost price + 10%, usually equating to a 30% saving on each bottle. There is a membership fee of £20 per month, but this is almost always saved when you buy 6 bottles in a month.

Vinotopia’s C+10 club ends up being the cheapest way to buy a lot of the local gins too, which is why they’re on board to write up our upcoming Cotswold Eats gin articles.

They currently stock 5 gins from The Cotswolds, including the aptly titled Bath Gin from Bath, Sibling from Cheltenham, Garden Tiger from Cirencester, Silver Fox from Luckington and Cotswolds Gin from Shipston-on-Stour.
They also have 6 O’Clock gin from just outside The Cotswolds, as well as many liqueurs and other spirits form across the area too.

I have it on good authority that they’ll be launching their ‘Ginotopia’ initiative this year, increasing their gin count even more, providing more ways to taste them too.

Yes they stock wines and spirits from all over the world, but Vinotopia is all about being part of the local community and Cotswold food scene, which is why we think they deserve a spot as the first Cotswold Eats ‘Drinks Place’.

P.S. For a limited time, you can get 10% off RRP at their website using the code EATS18 at checkout.

Click here to visit their website!

Hi! I'm Izaac, a designer based in Cheltenham. I love black coffee, fresh bread and gin, but also have a soft spot for fast food.

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